Why is participation necessary?

The involvement of clinical experts and patients is essential for a truly complex assessment of technologies. Experts who work or will work with the technology often bring a new perspective and a lot of practical information about the treatment of a specific diagnosis or about the real problems in the field. The patient's perspective is indispensable because patients and their well-being are the goal of all the efforts in health care. Patients often evaluate what is important to them differently; what symptoms really bother them, or vice versa.

Conflict of interest

In the assessment process impartiality and the absence of conflict of interest are very important. What exactly is considered a conflict of interest is defined by the EUnetHTA methodology. It is a situation when an individual or an organization performs activities for which it receives financial or non-financial remuneration from the manufacturer/marketing authorization holder of the assessed medical technology.

In order for a specific expert or patient input to be included in the assessment, the author of the input in question must submit a statement describing his or her potential conflicts of interest.

How to participate in technology assessments

In the first phase of the assessment NIHO develops a project protocol. The project protocol summarizes the subject of the assessment – the evaluated technology, its indications, the patient population for which it is intended, and other essential aspects. Project protocols are published in the "projects in progress" section of this webpage. The professional public and patients may send their inputs within 14 calendar days of the publication of the project protocol.

Please send the participation questionaire together with the declaration of conflict of interests by the date specified in the specific assessment in the " Projects in progress " section to

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